Our Funding

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We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Because of our mission to serve those most in need, the ability of families to pay is not a factor in acceptance. Less than 6% of the annual operating budget for the school comes from tuition paid by families. A large portion of operational funding comes from sponsorship of students: directly linking a donor's support with an actual student, in most cases for four years. The student communicates with the donor throughout the year, providing updates on achievements and challenges.

During the last fiscal year, income came from the following sources:

Unrestricted Donations and Sponsorships: 65% 
Unrestricted Program Grants: 15.1%
Special Events (net of costs): 11%
Tuition, Lunch & Fees: 3.6%
Donated Services & Other Income: 5.3%

For any questions, please contact Anne Newquist at 401-467-9777 x130.