Graduate Support Programs

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Academic resource center

The Academic Resource Center is an after school program that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Its purpose is to be a resource for alumni who require additional assistance achieving academic success. ARC also serves as a productive and positive environment for all those in need of a place to work on homework, projects, presentations, etc. The overall impact of ARC extends far beyond the classroom. We regularly dive into themes such as social awareness, and keys to success. The Academic Resource Center allows for Graduate Support to extend its reach and continue to prepare San Miguel alumni for their next steps in life respectively. ARC is also the home of our Life Skills Workshops, where we coach and counsel alumni on topics like, interviewing skills, resume building, workplace etiquette, personal finance, etc.  

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Open Gym

Every Thursday from 6:00-8:00 PM we open up our doors and basketball court to all of our alumni. Open Gym is only open to alumni, and offers an alternative method for alumni to return to San Miguel and engage with fellow graduates. Being that San Miguel was founded on the pillars of Faith, Service, and Community, Graduate Support has fostered the community aspect, by partnering up with Tides Family Services in the past to integrate our groups during Open Gym. This program also serves as a touch point for alumni who aren’t able to visit San Miguel during regular hours of operation.

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Our internship program has been occupied by a San Miguel graduate since its inception. Our intern is responsible for managing our information database. Through data obtained, the alumni that are in the most need of our help, become more easily identifiable. Additionally, this data helps to identify trends in performance among our alumni currently in high school; effectively leading to improvements in our success rate. Our intern regularly helps to tutor students and offers guidance on proper research skills and study habits. Concurrently our intern takes the lead on our Life Skills Workshop, where we cover various keys to success in life.