San Miguel is a faith based school, grounded in the Lasallian pillars of faith, service, and community. The importance of supporting community is a highly valued principle within our walls. As we put belief into action, community service becomes an essential role in our holistic approach to education.


 Earning For Eritrea

Every year, San Miguel School participates in the Lasallian Regional Twinning Program. Lasallian schools across the United States raise money and awareness for our Lasallian ministries in Africa, including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Our twin school is the Nativity School, which is located in Eritrea. During the season of Lent, San Miguel is hard at work raising money to help our Lasallian brothers and sisters at this school by participating in "Earning for Eritrea". Our Lasallian Youth group sponsors a variety of community events, such as a game night, ice cream sundae sale, and a dress down themed spirit week to fundraise for this program. A school-wide ‘Classroom Jar Competition’ is also held where each grade is given the task to raise as much money as possible over the span of six weeks. Through these activities, along with the generosity of Awards Luncheon attendees, the San Miguel community generated over $2,250 during the past 2017-2018 academic year!

“My experience with the Lasallian Youth Program has been joyous. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities designed to make us more well-rounded. I originally joined this program to help my community, but this program in return helped me. I learned that caring for others not only makes you feel good, but many blessings come into your life when you put the needs of others before your own.”

Yoshbel, SMS ‘18

Service_Soup Kitchen.png


Each year, the seventh grade class volunteers at ReFocus, our neighborhood care center for adults with developmental disabilities. Students arrive ready to serve their community and look forward to helping out where there is most need. In years past, our Miguel Men have pulled weeds, sorted seeds, planted bulbs, and have even swept the parking lot. Not only is this service trip a humbling experience, it’s an educational one as well. According to Jackson, a current 8th grade student, “I learned a bunch of new plant names like Okra, Morning Glories, and Chrysanthemums.”

“Volunteering at ReFocus was a great learning experience for me. The chance to not only work with people who have disabilities, but actually be able to help them, truly warmed my heart.”

Jackson, SMS ‘19

Service_Soup Kitchen2.png

SVDP Soup Kitchen

Each year, the eighth grade class volunteers at St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen, which located in Providence. Students are assigned various responsibilities, including serving food, waiting on individuals, as well as cleaning tables. This experience encourages our boys to interact with a wide variety of people, allowing them to feel connected to their community. Pio, a member of last year’s graduating class, reflects on his experience: “At first, I was very shaky and nervous. Interacting with so many strangers made me feel uncomfortable. But as I began to focus on my job and serve food to more and more people, I relaxed and realized that they weren’t that different from anyone else.”

“I’m very grateful for having this experience. It made me realize the importance of giving back to your community. We had the chance to put our Lasallian values—such as serving others—into action, and make a positive impact on the lives around us. It felt good to help.”

Pio, SMS ‘18