Our Programs

In a supportive and encouraging environment, students are challenged with rigorous academic, athletic, and after-school programs, aimed to help each boy discover and achieve their fullest potential. Attention to the unique talents and interests of each Miguel Man within the classroom, out on the field, and in the garden, helps our students to flourish.



Concern for all environments that impact learning and achievement is a core characteristic of San Miguel's programming. The small school population (16 students per grade) creates a structured and nurturing environment with high expectations and rigorous academics.

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Opportunities to build confidence, discover individual talents, and experience the strength of teamwork, are what drive athletic programming at San Miguel. Every year, San Miguel triumphs in the court and on the field, but some of the loudest cheers are saved for demonstrations of effort, sportsmanship, and leadership.

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After-School Program

Learning is not over when the bell rings! Students switch gears to take advantage of afternoon clubs and activities. Our extracurricular programs are designed to engage the various talents and interests of the ‘whole boy’, encouraging intellectual, athletic, artistic, moral, and spiritual growth.

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