Wouldn’t you like to decide who your tax money will benefit?

If you pay income taxes to the State of Rhode Island, you may be eligible to participate in the Rhode Island Corporate Scholarship Tax Credit program. 


What is the Rhode Island Corporate Scholarship Tax Credit?

The RI Corporate Scholarship Tax Credit enables qualified businesses to help low-income families afford an independent school education. In return, businesses earn a substantial tax credit as well as the public recognition associated with charitable giving. 

What is STEPS?

Funds contributed to the Scholarship Tax Credit are distributed to certified Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs)—charitable organizations which represent two or more private schools and administer scholarships to eligible students. Scholarships to Economically Poor Students (STEPS) is one of four SGOs in Rhode Island.

The San Miguel School is a member of STEPS, receiving 25% of designated STEPS monies. Other members of STEPS are Community Preparatory School, Sophia Academy, and the Grace School at Meeting Street.

For more information on STEPS and how your business can participate in the RI Corporate Scholarship Tax Credit program, click here.