“San Miguel taught me right from wrong. The teachers were there for me during the tough times and the good times and were always extremely supportive. I will always carry San Miguel in a special place in my heart and promise to be a Miguel Man for the rest of my life.”

- Michael, SMS ‘11, La Salle Academy ‘15

“Now that I'm at San Miguel, I'm a much nicer person. At my old school, I was always nervous that the cool guys would beat me up or make fun of me. I was afraid to show my talent and be myself. Now, I am not afraid to be myself. I know that I am safe and I can do the right thing without worrying about being cool. I also learn better because the teachers won't stop until you understand everything completely. I know that they’ll never give up on me.”

- Vernoe, SMS ‘14, The MET ‘18

“San Miguel taught me a lot of lessons. One lesson is that I should always be myself, and never give up no matter how hard the task ahead of me gets. Another lesson I learned is that if I really and truly believe in something, I shouldn't be afraid to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in. San Miguel embraced me and accepted me for who I am.”

- Tyrin, SMS ‘11, Bishop Hendricken ‘15

“San Miguel gave me a chance, but it wasn't a military school or a harsh boarding school. It was a place where children who may have fallen through the cracks could get the attention they needed; where kids from the city could be exposed to things that they would have otherwise not seen; where words like ‘brotherhood,' ‘confidence,' ‘creativity,' ‘community,’ service,' and ‘respect' weren't just taught, but they were instilled in us everyday, and our teachers were all shining models of what they were trying to teach us to be.”

- Wale, SMS '01, Classical High School '05, University of Rhode Island '09

“San Miguel taught me how to show kindness to other people and other cultures, and how to respect other people, their beliefs, and their ideas without judgment. The Brothers in general, and especially Brother Lawrence, have inspired me and have taught me how to treat and take care of other human beings, no matter who he is or where he is from. San Miguel made me a better person and influenced who I am today as I continue in my military career”

- Jonathan, SMS '98, La Salle Academy '02, United States Army