Providence College Mentoring Program

The Providence College Mentor Program matches 25 college students with 25 of our ‘Miguel Men’, to create another mentor/mentee relationship for our boys to experience. The program is designed to match students according to grade (fifth-grade with freshman, sixth-grade with sophomores, seventh-grade with juniors, and eighth-grade with seniors) in order for both individuals to create the deepest bond possible before they graduate. Not only does this program take San Miguel students away from Branch Avenue, allowing them to get a first-hand feel of a college campus, it also invites Providence College students to San Miguel for a session each semester in order to provide these students with a taste of who we are. The PC Mentor Program is an incredibly valuable experience, which not only provides our students with big brothers and sisters, but encourages the pursuit of higher education within each boy from a young age.

For more information on the Providence College Mentor Program, please contact Kim Martel at 401-467-9777 x115 or kmartel@sanmiguelprov.org.